Compare and contrast Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Lanyon from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Dr. Lanyon is a medical doctor who is well-respected and presumably wealthy, just like Dr. Jekyll. In the beginning of the novel, we learn that he is part of Jekyll's circle of friends. In contrast to Jekyll's stylish, calm nature, Lanyon is red-faced and boisterous. He also is the more rational of the two and the man who Jekyll calls for help when he finds himself falling victim to his own experiment.

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Dr. Lanyon is one of the oldest friends in Dr. Jekyll's circle.

Some of the similarities that both characters share include the fact that they are both medical doctors who are highly respected in London, and each of them has his own views on science and how to approach their practices. They run in similar circles of wealthy, sophisticated, professional men who like the best things in life.

The doctor gave one of his pleasant dinners to some five or six old cronies, all intelligent reputable men, and all judges of good wine.

The key contrasts between Dr. Hastie Lanyon and Dr. Jekyll include that Lanyon, as opposed to Jekyll, is a believer of rational treatments and conventional medicine. He believes in prevention, as most physicians do, and he is quite hands-on with his methodology.

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