Compare and contrast Caesar and Brutus in Julius Caesar.

In Julius Caesar, Caesar and Brutus are both respected, influential politicians and hold prominent roles in Rome's political arena. Caesar and Brutus are also ambitious risk-takers and make costly mistakes that lead to their demise. Both characters care about each other and fall victim to greedy senators. Caesar is depicted as an arrogant, self-centered character, while Brutus is a humble, selfless politician. Caesar desires to become Rome's emperor, while Brutus is focused on preserving the Republic.

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Caesar and Brutus share several personality traits and attributes. Both men are esteemed politicians who are respected by their peers and revered by the public. They are also powerful, influential men and play an important role in Rome's political arena. Caesar entertains the possibility of becoming emperor, while Brutus is known as an intelligent, prominent politician. Caesar and Brutus also admire and respect each other. Caesar trusts Brutus, and Brutus finds it difficult to assassinate his close friend.

Both men are also capable and ambitious. Caesar is accomplished on the battlefield and desires to disband the Republic in order to become emperor. Brutus demonstrates his ambition by leading the conspirators and carrying out the assassination. Similar to Caesar, Brutus seizes an opportunity and takes matters into his own hands to change the course of history. Caesar and Brutus are also risk-takers and make costly mistakes. Caesar makes the mistake of traveling to the Senate, where he...

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