Compare and contrast Biff and Happy in Death of a Salesman.

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Biff Loman always had considerable potential to go on and make something of this life once he left school. A high school football star with a head for figures, the world was very much his oyster. His proud father, Willy, pinned all his hopes on him, which made it all the more tragic that Biff's dreams of going to college ended not long after he caught his old man having an affair with a secretary.

Now that Biff's dreams lie in ruins, his relationship with his father has suffered a similar fate. To be sure, Biff still wants to be a success in life, but he's not prepared to put in the hard work necessary to achieve his goals. Taking his cue from his old man, he thinks that all you need to succeed is to be a well-liked man. And this encourages him to cut corners and to get involved in hare-brained schemes that have no chance of success.

Happy never had the same level of potential as his brother. He's drifted through life without any real sense of direction. Truth be told, he'd much rather...

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