Compare and contrast between the two kinds of marriage in "Pride and Prejudice"

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Members of the social class of the Bennet sisters, and particularly in Jane Austen's time, women married for financial security, to have a home of their own, to secure their future beyond their father's home. In the case of the Bennet sisters, they will have no home once their father dies, they have no brothers, so the home will pass to the next male heir in the family, Mr. Collins.  That is why Lizzie's rejection of Mr. Collins is so profound, she will not sacrifice herself to protect the family home.

The two types of marriage that are depicted in Pride and Prejudice are marriages made for long-term security, and marraiges made for love.   An example of a marriage of security is that of Charlotte Lucas and Mr. Collins.  A marriage made between a woman with no prospects who accepts a proposal because she needs financial security and a home of her own. 

Charlotte does not marry Mr. Collins because she loves him, it appears to be just the opposite, she does not love him, but she does...

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