Compare and contrast Baba and Amir in The Kite Runner.

In The Kite Runner, Baba and Amir are both privileged Pashtuns who are extremely close to Ali and Hassan. Baba and Amir both betray their best friends and make significant sacrifices to atone for their sins. Baba and Amir are also generous, successful, and conflicted. Despite their similarities, Baba is more masculine, outspoken, and courageous than Amir, who is unathletic and timid. Baba also values sports and competition, while Amir enjoys literature.

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In The Kite Runner, Baba and Amir have dramatically different interests and personalities. Baba is portrayed as an aggressive, bold man who is intimidating and hypermasculine. Baba is also outspoken, successful, and insensitive. Baba laments that Amir is not athletic or tough like Hassan and views his son as effeminate.

Unlike his father, Amir prefers reading literature over playing sports and shies away from physical altercations. Amir relies on Hassan for protection and would never defend himself. In contrast, Baba is not afraid of altercations and even comes to a woman's defense by challenging an intoxicated Russian soldier. Baba is also a popular extrovert, while Amir is a timid introvert.

Despite their differences, Baba and Amir share several similarities. Baba and Amir are both privileged Pashtuns who are not religious fanatics and enjoy Western culture. Baba drives a Mustang, and Amir has an affinity for watching American movies with Hassan. Baba and Amir are also extremely close to Ali and Hassan, who work for them and live on their estate. Baba knew Ali as a child, and Amir and Hassan are best friends growing up. After Amir discovers that Hassan was his half-brother, he recognizes that he is more similar to Baba than he previously thought.

Both Baba and Amir betrayed their best friends and are guilty of lying. Baba had an affair with Sanaubar behind Ali's back and refused to claim Hassan as his biological son to avoid scrutiny. Likewise, Amir betrays Hassan by not coming to his defense while Assef is raping him and by lying about Hassan stealing his gifts. Despite their flaws, Baba and Amir are generous and atone for their sins by making extreme sacrifices. Baba leaves his successful business behind by immigrating to America to give Amir a second chance at life, while Amir jeopardizes everything to save and adopt Sohrab.

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