Compare and contrast Anne’s relationship with her mother to that with her father in The Diary of Anne Frank.

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The Diary of Anne Frank sheds light on the life of a young Jewish girl in hiding during World War II. While much of her situation is unusual, there are still many things that Anne experiences just like any other adolescent. Anne experiences the trials of sisterhood, intimacy with someone she likes, and—perhaps most normal of all—very dynamic relationships with her parents.

From the beginning of their time in hiding, Anne has a close relationship with her father, Otto Frank, often lovingly referring to him as Pim. It is Otto who gave his daughter the famous diary in which Anne details their time in hiding and which will be published after the war. In one of her very first entries, Anne describes talking to her father about staying safe in hiding, and her tone indicates that she feels safe and at ease knowing that they are in hiding together. Her mother, on the other hand, is described as “unbearable” in the very same entry. “She insists on treating me like a baby, which I...

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