Compare and contrast Ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian art.

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Some similarities and differences between Mesopotamian and Egyptian art can be explained by the technologies that they each possessed. Both cultures built monumental buildings, as exhibited by their surviving architecture. The Egyptians had access to nearby limestone, granite, and basalt queries. It is still not exactly clear how they cut and transported these stones, but they used them, particularly limestone, to build massive structures, most notably the pyramids. The Mesopotamians were also keen on grand architectural buildings. However, they utilized mud from the riverbeds of the Tigris and Euphrates to make bricks. These bricks were used in the construction of their massive ziggurats.

Both civilizations produced a lot of pottery. However, Mesopotamian pottery tended to be more uniform and advanced. This is mostly due to their use of the potter's wheel, a piece of technology that the Egyptians seem to have lacked.

The Mesopotamians utilized copper and bronze in a lot of their...

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