compare accountability and responsibility?

kukarad70 | Student

These two words are almost similar, but only the nature are different. Actually this is good question and difficult to compare by normal mind an action. As per my understanding, accoutability is aswerability and where we must be able to answer what the action we have done. So that, we must have proof to say someone to clarify the things. But responsibily is to be realized to fulfill what is my duty and how to complete it? We must be loyal to keep accountability otherwise there will be misguidance of presentation. Responsibility makes the person alert and it tries to make understanding of standing and stage. The person what he is going to do in responsibility he must move accordingly making responsible to himself only the effect comes out and explanation no need for responsibility. Although, accountability seeks the explanation. These are the difference between these mighty words.

I am so far right in argument someone must be ready saying something what he is doing. Incorrect accountability puts the person in trap and invites difficult situation. Similarly, responsibility if not fulfilled no one asks anything from the person, but he might get chance of diminishing his career. Therefore, both the words are important in their place where they come to be used in the life of human beings they must follow to set or utilize meanings of these words carefully.

What has done by someone he must answer this is accountability and what has done by someone he must realize himself this is responsibility. So that, these two words are strong to give similar meaning and in less understanding might get misused while applying for an action.