Compare Abigail Williams and Mary Warren in The Crucible.

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Abigail Williams is a leader and Mary Warren is a follower.  The court attempts to treat all of the girls as equal victims of witchcraft.  The court does an okay job with treating all of the girls the same, the court greatly favors Abigail as a key witness.  It's why she is called into the final court sequence with John.  No other girls are called in.  Just Abigail.

Further evidence of Abigail being a leader and Mary being a follower is given in Act 2, when John tells Mary to tell the truth to discredit Abigail.  

Mary Warren: She'll kill me for sayin' that!

In addition to that scene, Mary still fears adults and authority.  Because of that, Mary consistently tells the truth.  The worst that she will do is not say anything at all, but Abigail will blatantly lie to get her way.  She's a dominating presence and Mary is simply a useful sidekick at best.  


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