compare 2 friend. i want to know how can i write introdution. the TS is There are several differences between my friends here and my friends in peru.

Expert Answers
jdslinky eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You might start your introduction by stating that your friends in the US are different than your friends in Peru. Then you might list a few things that are different about them - these details will shape the rest of your essay. Here's an example:

"My friends in the United States are different than my friends from Peru. For example, my American friends are more open to discuss things like their home life and family, while my Peruvian friends are more likely to keep family secrets to themselves. Furthermore, in America, I have contact with my friends all the time because of technology, while in Peru, I mostly have face to face contact with friends."

Then the first body paragraph will be about the discussion of home life and family vs. keeping family secrets with some specific examples to expand your ideas.

The second body paragraph will explain further the difference in how you contact your friends.

The conclusion will wrap it all up and summarize your main points.