Comparative study of the romances between Touchstone and Audrey versus Orlando and Rosalind.

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In As You Like It, Touchstone and Audrey have a very different approach to romance than Rosalind and Orlando, although, surprisingly, there is some similarity as well. First of all, both Rosalind and Orlando are upper class. They may be living in the woods, but they were raised in wealth and nobility.  Touchstone, thye fool, is associated with the court, but not a member of the upper class, and Audrey is a shepherdess.  Touchstone is less patient than Rosalind; he wants to get married right away.  Rosalind seems to prefer to draw out her own and Orlando's romancing, just for fun.

One major difference, of course, is that Rosalind is disguised as a boy, and Orlando thinks he is wooing the real Rosalind by proxy.  The truth is, she is the one wooing him, so, she and Touchstone are both wooers.  Rosalind and Touchstone are also both extremely witty and love wordplay; this is evident in both the conversations between the two of them and the way they engage with their lovers, which sometimes goes right over the heads of their would-be spouses.

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