If a company sells its products only from a website, which is accessible over the Internet to customers all over the world, does it still need to worry about having a specific target market?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Regardless of a company's dependency on a website, I still think that it must have a target market.  Like any marketplace, the users of the internet are varied.  There is so much divergence in those who actively use the internet that the means of product dissemination is not as important as to whom the product would be appealing.  Research has to be done on the browsing habits of a particular group that would be interested in the products, and to ensure that as much exposure and convergence is present in both the product's appeal and the type of consumer who would want such a product.  In this, companies cannot simply feel that because they are "on the net," their message and product is present and evident.  For example, the advertising space sold on enotes.com appeals to a particular type of individual who would frequent a site like this one.  These companies do not simply admit that because they are on the web, their product will sell.  Companies know of target audiences and determine how digital convergence and product demand can be one in the same in ensuring profit.