Compare the characters of Hero and Beatrice in Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing. What happens in the opening scene?

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Shakespeare's Much Ado about Nothing opens at the home of Leonato, the governor of Messina in Italy. Leonato, his daughter Hero, and his niece Beatrice are told by a messenger that Don Pedro and his men will soon arrive. One of the men, Claudio, is in love with Hero. His friend Benedick and Beatrice are friendly rivals who often match wits and taunt each other. Leonato is happy to recieve his guests.

Hero and Beatrice, though cousins, are not much alike. Hero is quiet, obedient, and shy. Beatrice is neither quiet nor shy. She is very smart, very outspoken, and very witty. Despite their differences, the two young women are very close friends and care deeply for one another.  

Hero is in love with Claudio, Benedick's close friend. Beatrice and Benedick secretly care for one another, but are always trading insults and fighting. Of course, since the play is a comedy, the two couples end up together.

wanderista | Student

Hero is a famous contrasting character for Beatrice; they are very unalike.  However, they are very good friends, and when Hero was accused of being with other men at her wedding with Claudio, Beatrice asked Benedick to kill Claudio.

Hero is diciplined, shy, quiet and obedient. On the contrary, Beatrice is witty, smart, outspoken and independent. Hero eventually marries Claudio, and Beatrice marries Benedick in Act 5 Scene 5 of the play.

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