Community based on "sameness"?Do you feel that the community was truly bases on "sameness"? Explain your position.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think there truly was sameness.  I think that we can see this in the fact that the sameness extended to physical things.  The clearest example of this was the fact that no one in the community (except for very unusual people like Jonas) could see color.  It was not a system in which the elites could see color and the others could not.  It was simply a system in which no one could see color.  The same sort of thing goes for the weather.

I do not see any real evidence that there were any real perks for elites that would make the sameness illusory.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were, of course, some people in The Giver who had certain privileges not enjoyed by others. But I think the vast majority of the citizens were bound to rules and customs that were strictly enforced. The weather and the two-child family system are the most obvious examples, as well as the way that career occupations and other crucial life decisions are made for the individual by the community. These decisions certainly seem to create a permanent aura of sameness.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I think the community was about control. By making people the same, and only differentiating when they had to, they exerted as much control as possible. The community was obsessed with making sure no one was ever uncomfortable, and differences make people uncomfortable.
asliozcan | Student

Well, the community's idea of a perfect world is based on Sameness however they can't make everyone the same due to their DNA's and etc. The scientists or the people who try to change DNA's cannot succeed because they couldn't change Fiona's red hair and that caused a problem for them. In addition even though it seems like they created Sameness, they cannot achive on that because everybody obviously has something different from others.

lacinserraates | Student
Community based on "sameness"?

Do you feel that the community was truly bases on "sameness"? Explain your position.

I don't think that everybody is same. The community couldn't change some of the babies eyes or hair colour. For instance; they couldn't change Fiona's hair and it is red. Also they couln't change Jonas's or Gabe's eye colour- they remained pale. However the biggest reason that I don't think everybody is same is being a birthmother. When Lily said she can consider about being a birthmother, her mother was strongly opposed. She said that it is not an honourable job to do. If everybody is same why Lily can not be assigned to be a birthmother, isn't that a bit ironic ?