The Communist Manifesto

by Friedrich Engels, Karl Marx

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Is The Communist Manifesto legal to read in some countries? I'm curious because I'm in an AP class, and I have to read it over this summer.

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The Communist Manifesto was written in 1848 by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels and stands as the classic statement of the political beliefs from which the theories and assertions of communism developed. It is a document that examines the social, political, and economic philosophies which have impacted governments throughout the world in the years since its publication. The education of any student of government, history, or literature would not be complete without understanding its concepts and the role they have played on the world's stage. At its heart, The Communist Manifesto addresses societies in terms of class struggle, contending that those with economic and political power as the result of owning property enrich themselves at the expense of those who do not hold such power. Capitalism, then, is viewed as an economic system that exploits the working class.

Is it legal to read this work in some countries? Certainly. It would be legal to read The Communist Manifesto in any country that does not censor political thought, such as our own. Having students read about communism is not the same as teaching or preaching communist philosophy in the classroom. Assigning this book to read merely requires that you become familiar with a significant work in world literature.

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