Communications in Business Questions and Answers

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Based on the idea in the business article "Communication: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" by Glory Borgeson, what is an example of something a business is doing to improve communication in the workplace?

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An example of something a business can do to use good communication is to have a weekly newsletter.

Business often have many staff meetings, professional development sessions, emails, and other communications. The sheer amount of information can be overwhelming.  Sometimes people cannot process or remember information unless it is written down.  Likewise, multiple emails and email chains can easily get lost in the chaos of the invoice.

A simple, low-tech solution is to write a weekly newsletter that has all of the information employees need for that week.  The newsletter can be sent by email, but the idea of having everything in one place is what’s important.  You can include important dates, tips, funny facts, and whatever else employees need to know.  Keeping thing simple and brief is a good example of “good” communication.