Ideal world if you rule the world what would you do?

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I would design a better education system, in order to combat hunger and poverty. I would seek to ensure that every child born under my rule had an equal chance at success. I would also make provisions for universal health care.

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Today I feel greedy and in the mood TO BE the Queen (and King, both) of the world.

If I were, I would go right after every single world leader that has been a despot, and abuser and I would make them get on their knees to beg forgiveness from the people who, unknowingly, put that leader in power. I would do reparations to all the people who suffered from bad leaders, and I would make sure that any person who abuses a child will be put to death in cold blood.

Once that business is done, I will make sure I LOOK like the queen of the world, but behind closed doors. I want the biggest crown there is, and a scepter, a yatch, and a billion shoes. That should be enough for me as far as the material stuff. It would be amazing. I just do not know if I could live very long with such a hectic life.

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First of all...I wouldn't want the job! Have you seen how old our own American presidents get within the span of 4 years? If ruling one country carries that much stress...imagine what being the King of the World would do to you.

But, if I had to be World Ruler...hmmm...I think I would institute a government much like the republic/democracy we have here in America...with a few tweaks. Like the preamble says, I love the idea of "...securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity... I think under a system like ours (run properly) most average citizen has the chance (not the guarantee) to become anything he or she wants to be. The ideas of socialism and communism (which sound good on the all according to their deeds or needs) often break down into totalitarianism...leaving the people with few choices and fewer freedoms.

What I would change about the way the US insisting on a balanced budget, and welfare reform. I would also shift tax dollars to allocate more for educators, and less for politicians. And encourage private parties to pitch in to help those less take some of that burden off the government systems.

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If I were the king of the world, I tell you what I'd do... (Sorry, reference to an old song...)

I would start by ordering businesses in the United States, at least, to stop laying people off.  I know that sounds stupid.  Here's how I'd do it.  Let's say a company needs to reduce their payroll by 10%.  I'd tell them they had to reduce everyone's pay by 10%.  They could still fire people for being incompetent, but they couldn't lay people off due to recession.

The reason I'd do that is so that the pain of a recession would be spread more thinly and evenly.  It would be good for everyone.  Some people would keep their jobs instead of being laid off, so it would be good for them individually.  But it would also be good for the whole economy because people wouldn't fear layoffs as much and consumer confidence wouldn't drop so much.

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