CommunicationCommunication channels words, emotions and bright ideas.  A good sales person is to know that selling is customer sevice. A person's voice and creative ideas is the best tool in...


Communication channels words, emotions and bright ideas.  A good sales person is to know that selling is customer sevice. A person's voice and creative ideas is the best tool in communication.

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MaudlinStreet eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes #6!! Oh how I loathe the conversations with people who know everything about everything...I would also like to add non-verbal communication to this discussion. While we may not all be experts in body language, all of us know how to communicate to others silently. Our gestures, facial expressions, and physical positions aid in relating our meanings to others. By raising my eyebrows or crossing my arms, I speak volumes. I'm sure you've experienced it in your classrooms: a student makes a snide remark, or asks an inappropriate question (I teach high school, so maybe it happens more there), but they know by the look on your face how you feel about it. And you never have to say a word. I suppose all parents have "The Look" as well. In fact, we communicate with each other non-verbally more often than not, and certainly with members of other species. This may be a silly example, but while I may not know what my cat means by "Meow," I can guess by her bodily position & movements what she needs. This comes in into play more readily when training animals, whether for utilitarian purposes or entertainment. I guess my point is to look beyond words when analyzing communication.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You are assuming that the two speakers have similar interests, beliefs, backgrounds, gender, religion, and cultural understanding.  Just like #4 said, you can not assume this since there are a multitude of barriers to communication.  For example, when debating or discussing abortion, you will not have effective communication if one person is a Democrat, pro Choice, and/or a person without a strong Christian faith and the other is a Republican, pro Life and/or a Christian.  The people who fit these categories may agree on some issues, but fundamentally, they stand at polar opposites much of the time which will cause barriers to effective communication and compromise on any decision.

Other barriers include language difficulties--what if one person in the communication is not a native speaker of English?  Comes from a culture very different from the western culture that Americans which may lead to miscommunciation due to cultural misunderstandings.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

And to #4 and #5 I also would add the fact also that some information really do not gather enough facts, and use limited information prior to engaging in a discussion or debate. Ofter I have found that a lot of people feel that they are quite certain on what they are talking about when, in fact, they only know the topic superficially. You know who I am talking about: That person at work or school who "knows it all", or "has been there and done that", yet, has very little lived experience or intellectual depth to analyze one situation from different perspectives.  In other words, some people might not be smart enough to engage in productive communication.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
It's true that a salesperson's voice is his best selling tool. With the voice, the salesman demonstrates attitude. Excitement and concern for the customer's needs are better than disinterest. This is not to confuse excitement with pushiness.
epollock | Student

Provided that there are no filters or barriers to the communication.

mmorgan09 | Student

Word-connection plays a vital role in effective communication because it gives highlights to its main topic.  And communication as well plays a vital role in our everyday activity as students, because it is where we think, talk, and create bright ideas to express what we our peers to know and understand.

mmorgan09 | Student

Delivering expressive words in a conversation bridges an effective communication.  Thus, 2 or more people engaged in conversation could easily relate to one another because of an effective communication.  And having a topic to be talked about includes a lot of words, sentences and phrases to make the communication flow smoothly.