A New England Nun Questions and Answers
by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

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Summarize and discuss the theme of the individual isolated from the community in "A New England Nun" by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

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A commitment to marry after waiting fourteen years sets the scene for “A New England Nun” by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.  The protagonist in the story faces just such an enigmatic circumstance. Louisa’ finance Joe went to Australia to make his fortune and did not come back for all those years. 

The narration of the story is third person through the character of Louisa Ellis. The unusual situation presents quite a quandary for the main character.  She does not feel quite the same about Joe as she did before he left.  He was her only lover.  In fact, she has spent her time making a quiet routine in her home that she once shared with her mother and brother. 

Joe’s entrance back into Louisa’s life has not been entirely smooth.  He wants her to move into his family home that he has renovated.  His mother is ill and he has made a special place for her as well.  She becomes so attached to her feminine lifestyle that the idea of moving these items to a new home where they will be...

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