the common symptoms of patients with cervical cancerdescribe three common presenting symptoms of patients with cervical cancer

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boblawrence eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The cervix is the outlet of the womb situated back up inside the vagina.  Cancer of the cervix is usually found in patients who have infection of the cervix with human papilloma virus (HPV).  The HPV infection causes the cervical cells to become dysplastic (a form of degeneration that can lead to malignancy).  Patients with cervical dysplasia are in danger of developing cervical cancer.  Abnormal (dysplastic) cervical cells are detected by pap smears.  Patients with abnormal pap smears should have cervical biopsy to detect dysplasia or malignancy.

The commonest early symptom of cervical cancer is abnormal vaginal bleeding, that is spotting between periods.

Another symptom is bleeding when the cervix is touched, such as during intercourse (post-coital bleeding) or insertion of a diaphragm.

A third symptom of cervical cancer is blood-tinged vaginal discharge.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
In addition to the above, their are symptoms that you cannot see. Cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women, but it is most common in women who have never had a Pap smear. The Pap smear can identify cancerous and precancerous cells, or changes in the cells. This is why women who are sexually active should have Pap smears.