It is a common belief that American foreign policy often reflects domestic policy.  In what ways did domestic considerations influence the Roosevelt administration's policies?

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It is not at all clear that most of these actions were taken in response to domestic pressure.  The only one that clearly fits that bill is the granting of independence to the Philippines.  The recognition of the USSR does to some extent and the Good Neighbor policy is the least closely tied to such considerations.

Granting independence to the Philippines should perhaps be seen as granting the US independence from the Philippines.  In a time of economic problems, they would no longer have to spend money on the Philippines.  They would also eliminate Filipino competition for American sugar growers. 

Granting recognition to the Soviet Union can be seen as an effort to increase trade.  This would connect it to domestic considerations.  The only real connection with the Good Neighbor policy is that pulling out of Latin American countries would reduce America's defense spending.

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