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The poem's message seems to be that all people carry with them a sense of place. In the poet's own case the sense of place comes from the natural environment where she grew up. It is a place redolent of the scent of pine due to the forests near her home. Other examples of nature mentioned in the piece include a blueberry patch which she contrasts with a burnt out area of scrub land. Other things in her natural environment are chickens which she describes as 'circling about' adding movement and action to the poem. Then she contrasts the tired jaded scholhouses and their air of the dusty past with the violets which grow behind them - a brighter, fragrant and fresh image. She seems to be contrasting the man-made environment (which she sees as negative and perhaps irrelevant) with the more valuable enivironment which she sees as living, and current and fresh. She seems to think that nature has the greater power, being able to blow a frosty blast of ice through the mind, almost as if to clear it out.

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