Comment on the use of William Blake's poetry in Skellig to build atmosphere.

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William Blake's Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience both play a part in the building of atmosphere in David Almond's Skellig.

The poems presented in both of Blake's collections highlight ideas pitted against one another as one moves from innocence to experiences in life. The sister poems with the same titles illustrate how Blake's own ideologies changed as he grew in knowledge. One of the most important ideas Blake highlights within the collections is the loss of innocence and identity as one grows in knowledge. As one becomes more knowledgable, he or she begins to lose his or her identity. This individualism is often lost when one succumbs to the beliefs and constraints held by society at large.

The novel's inclusion of "The School-Boy" speaks to the sadness of losing one's innocence. As one becomes educated, he or she learns about the importance of conforming in order to fit in. The poem's tone helps to illustrate the atmosphere of the text by highlighting the sadness of confinement in...

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