Comment on the tittle Waiting for Godot.

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I think that Beckett's title is quite appropriate.  Characters wait.  This waiting does not change much of anything in their predicaments, their conceptions of self, or even their world.  They start off the play waiting for this dinner guest.  Their exhortations, moments of anger, instances of sadness, and the state of being in the world in connection to others are all on display with the premise that the alleviation of waiting will change their predicaments.  At the end of the play, they are told that the guest will not arrive, but he will be there tomorrow night.  The characters wait again.  The play's idea seems to be that waiting is associated with paralysis, and the notion of being paralyzed, even with supposedly unlimited and boundless freedom is a powerful notion brought out in the play.  It is this idea of being trapped by waiting that makes the title so appropriate.

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