Comment on SWIFT'S use of scale as a technique of satire with reference  to GULLIVER'S TRAVELS?answer in detail

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In Book 1, Swift created the Lilliputians to be 12x smaller than humans, while in Book 2, the Brobdingnagians are 12x larger than humans.  The Lilliputians were people who were petty.  They had a long-standing dispute with their neighbors over which end to crack open an egg.  Swift was showing that the stature of the people matched their small-minded ways.  The Lilliputians were self-centered and ridiculous in many ways, such as choosing their leaders by who could crawl under a limbo stick.  In contrast, the Brobdingnagians were large people, but as Gulliver saw them, they were ugly.  He saw their pores and their blemishes as disgusting.  The buildings in this land were described as large, square, and plain.  The buildings served the basic needs without a great deal of decoration or elaboration.  The people, too, were basic and plain. The laws of the land were simple and direct, even limiting the number of words allowed in a law.  The Brobdingnagians were also a more generous people who treated Gulliver better than the Lilliputians.

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The use of scale as a technique of satire is shown in the 1st voyage to the world of the Lilliputians,so the scale is shown when Gulliver see the Lilliputians as not six inches high which means they seem as smaller in the sense that he once admits that he thought of putting 50 of them in his hand and crushing them(part 1,chapter 1),so thats satarical in the sense that a hand is as small too and it cant lift as many  of the Lilliputians as he thought,thats to my point of view.And Again the punishment he uses when six of the Lilliputians pester him also fits ithe scale of satarical,like it reads he puts five of them in the pocket and dangles the sixth above his mouth as if he is going to eat him,so it aplies that they were very very small.(part 1,chapter 2)

the second voyage to the world of the Brobdingnag,where the people he interacts were as large than he is,by so far Gulliver was a normal size of how a human creature can look like so when some human creature exceeds that size with unpredictable amount,,thats redicullus.

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