Comment on the significance of the title of the novel Persuasion by Jane Austen.  

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"Persuasion" appropriately encapsulates the themes of Jane Austen’s novel. All of the characters are constantly trying to change someone else’s opinion or even their own opinion. Many of the characters are easily swayed rather than upholding the courage of their convictions, but others are so persuaded of the correctness of their position that they foolishly disregard other people’s sensible advice.

During the course of the novel and in the prior action discussed, Lady Russell exercises a strong influence on Anne Elliott and her father. It was largely on the basis of Lady Russell’s advice that the Elliotts were persuaded that Anne should not marry Captain Wentworth. Sir Walter Elliott has a changeable disposition but considers himself astute in all matters; this inconstancy creates instability in finances and the family’s home environment. Lady Russell’s persuasive skills also feature in the idea of his renting out their home but in turn renting a property that is a bit too fancy for their current situation. Aware of Sir Walter’s susceptible nature, his friend Mrs. Clay is trying to persuade him to marry her.

Because of the complications of English inheritance law, Anne’s unmarried status could present an obstacle to the plans of a cousin, William Elliott, to inherit family property. This motivation is behind his courtship of Anne, who suspects his motives. William seems like to succeed, however, in persuading her father of his sterling character.

Anne finally learns that Captain Wentworth has been persuaded of her lack of interest in him, while in truth she still loves him. Once the interfering friends and relatives are set aside, they can be married in a union of equals.

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Not sure what you mean by marks, but here is my answer and I hope it helps:

The novel Persuasion, and the importance and significance of its title is precisely because the story's main character, Anne, accepted the advice of a Lady Russell, a lady who convinced her through "good will advice" that Anne should leave her Naval Officer lover, Captain Wentworth, because Anne deserved a much more priviledged kind of relationship with a much richer man.  Lady Russell did not mean wrong. She is a Lady who wants the best for both Anne and Anne's mother, hence, she was suggesting this from the goodness of her heart.

However, after Anne left Wentworth, she was unable to stop loving him, yet, as a member of the upper classes, she stubbornly stuck to her choice and said:

 "a strong sense of duty is no bad part of a woman's portion."

In the end, we are left with the question on whether Anne is a heroine in her own life story, or if she is just a snob with a penchant for mental masochism.

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