Comment on the role of pluralism in analysing style.

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pluralism is important because it both balances out the structure of a sentence and it allots the same weight to all parts of the sentence which are balanced. Pluralism is also required to make sure that the tense of a sentence makes sense.

An example of pluralism is as follows:

The girls want to go shopping, swimming, and running on their day off.

Here, the verbs are all balanced by adding "ing" to each of them. Therefore, each verb has the same importance and follows the same tense.

If a sentence were to look like this,

The girls want to shop, swimming, and ran on their day off.

then the sentence would not have a parallel structure. The verbs do not match in tense. Essentially, the sentence does not make sense.

Therefore, the role of pluralism is important when analyzing the writing style of a writer for a few reasons.

First, if a sentence is not balanced, then the author may not know about the rules of grammar. Some may not think that the author is a "good enough" technical writer to be appreciated.

Outside of that, a reader may become confused about the time the actions are taking place. This confusion can cause the reader to disregard the author and their narrator as unreliable.

Lastly, some writers simply do not care about grammar. Their texts are filled with errors which allow some readers to immediately identify them.