Comment on the role of Aram,the narrator of The Summer of Beautiful White Horse.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Aram is the moral center and the "straight man" in the partnership between he and Mourad.  He is the one who immediately suspects and then knows that the horse was stolen, and he is the one who immediately tells Mourad that John Byro was inquiring about the horse's whereabouts.  He operates as the "straight man" in literary terms, as well, for it is he who allows us to understand how the story develops.  In terms of his representations, he might symbolize the traditional notion of behavior in the community.  He does not seek to disupt any of the social orders, as he looks to demonstrate accepted conventions.  Perhaps, this is why Mourad is deemed as crazy and "has a way with animals."  It might also be the reason for his difficulty in riding the horse, and Mourad's ease with the horse.  While Aram understands the need for social convention, he does understand independent notions of beauty and loyalty which might not be openly embraced by standard conformity, as he immediately expresses his own sense of love for the horse, joins Mourad in riding him, and expresses a melancholy when the horse is returned.

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