comment on Robert Browning's philosophy of love as espressed in the poem "The Last Ride Together"

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Browning's philosophy about love is very interesting in this poem and seems surprisingly modern in that the woman seems to have control, as she has ended the affair. Browning is describing the end of a love affair; 'Since nothing all my love avails' but rather than being sad Browning is suggesting, through his narrator, that we should be grateful for the love that was and revel in its memory. The poem seems to be about 'fixing' this moment in the mind so that it can live forever and bring fond memories.

Browning is suggesting that few people succeed in the endeavor to find real love but nevertheless love is very important; more importantt then wars and even art. For Browning striving seems to be the more important thing and regret pointless. Browning liked the form of the dramatic monologue as it allowed exploration of different ideas and has an immediate feel.