What are psychological aspects of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Some of the psychological aspects found in Pride and Prejudice are identity of self, problem solving, and expression of feelings.

Self-identity: Both Elizabeth and Darcy experience changes in self-identity. At the beginning of the book, Elizabeth prides herself in her abilities to discern both the positive and negative character traits of individuals. As the novel progresses, she learns that she was actually deceived and that all of her judgements are based on prejudice. Darcy feels that his pride in his social station, manners, education, and moral standing are not out of place, and he is right. However he fails to see that he actually behaves with conceit. By the end of the book, Elizabeth has shown him how to be more accepting of others and more civil.

Problem Solving: The psychological aspect of problem solving is especially seen in Darcy's behavior. After Elizabeth rejects him, accusing him of being prideful and conceited, Darcy changes his attitude. We first witness this change when Darcy encounters Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle Gardiner while they are touring Pemberley. Darcy asks to be introduced to Elizabeth's relations. The narrator points out that Darcy shows surprise at learning that these are Elizabeth's working-class relations, but quickly recovers and converses with them, even inviting Mr. Gardiner to fish on the estate. We also see Darcy solve a problem by rescuing Elizabeth and her family's reputation by forcing Wickham to marry Lydia.

Expression of feelings: Throughout the entire novel, we see many feelings being expressed, including, embarrassment, romantic love, sisterly love, heart break, sorrow, and worry.

intejar | Student

Like her other novels Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice" also deals with the inner part of the mind of heroine,Elizabeth.We often find Elizabeth highlighting her own reflections and thoughts that come from cockles of herĀ  heart.Elizabeth's thoughts after getting letter from Darcy and the situstion after the elopment of Lydia are some glaring examples.It does not give a superficial treatment of life,it offera a penetrating study of life and character.