Comment on the passage "Never Shall I Forget" with reactions to meaning in Night.

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One of the aspects of Night that "Never Shall I Forget" most relates to is its coming-of-age elements. Being imprisoned in the camps results in Elie losing his innocent views of the world. He is forced to grow up very quickly and not in a healthy way.

Elie is still a young teenage boy with an idealistic view of humanity when he is taken to the concentration camp. Before this, he and the other Jews in his town had a hard time believing in the rumors of the atrocities being committed against the Jews. There is no longer any doubt once he sees children "transformed into smoke under a silent sky." No longer can he possess an uncomplicated view of the goodness of man or even God.

The latter part is especially significant because Elie was a devout Jew before being imprisoned. However, at this early point, his faith and ideas about the nature of God become...

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