Comment on the significance of the title, The Financial Expert.

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The significance of the title, The Finance Expert by R.K Narayan, lies in the manner in which the writer develops Margayya’s character, from relative insignificance to vast wealth. The novel contains a typical plot centered on a financial wizard, Margayya, as the main protagonist. The Financial Expert is not a finance-based book, however, one can in fact learn a lot about finance and modesty from such a book.

The novel offers impressive insights on how Margayya strived to acquire loans from the Co-operative Bank. The comparable problems of filling forms, data asymmetry, delayed reliance on debt, and the endless loop of debt are brilliantly etched. Margayya is depicted as a self-designated business correspondent of the financial institution and endeavors to help the villagers.

After thinking about the idea of wealth and the status it offers its owners in society, he has an epiphany. He feels that a new plan, a monetary invention, with the capacity to transform his life, was coming close to realization. At that point, he sells his share in an erotica book and becomes a banker. As a banker, he becomes a wealthy and powerful money-lender, but when he physically attacks an old friend, his reputation is ruined, and he loses both his business and fortune.

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