Comment on the importance of Lenina's character in Brave New World.

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Usually for assignments that ask you to comment on a certain character from a story, you need to analyze what role s/he plays therein. Lenina, for example, is a representation of a typical female in Huxley's society. She demonstrates what a fully conditioned female would act and think like through daily goings-on. For example, she likes to go to Feelies, she takes her soma regularly, and she is does her best not to be monogamous. However, there are times when her inner-human surfaces that makes her feel like she might want love in a monogamous relationship, but she never fully commits to that and remains a true female in said society. This gives the reader an understanding of how women would/should act in this new world. She also is key in demonstrating what would happen if she were interested in someone from our day; and, John the Savage is just that, a character who might represent the philosophy of our day, or the 1930's when the book was written.

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