Comment on the imagery used in the poem "Precious Words" by Emily Dickinson. Cite examples and identify the type of imagery. To which sense does the poet appeal most often?

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Imagery is a literary device which appeals to one (or all) of the five senses (sight, sound, taste, touch, smell). Authors use imagery to appeal to the senses of a reader so that they can experience a deeper connection with the text.

In Emily Dickinson's poem, XXI from Part One of "Life", "He ate and drank the precious words" imagery is used to appeal to a reader's sight.

The poem depicts a man sumbolically drunk off of words he has read in a book. The book has not only "intoxicated" him, it has allowed him to forget the problems in his life as well.

The imagery of the poem details an image of a man, drunk and dancing. This is a visual image that the reader can create in their own mind.