Regarding the love/hate theme, comment on the shared relationships between the two cousins/sisters and two brothers in As You Like It.

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Cousins Rosalind and Celia love each other like sisters, having lived together "as Juno's swans," as Celia puts it, sleeping, rising, learning, playing, eating as companions who were inseparable. Celia declares that when Duke Frederick's "pleasure and remorse" (choice and guilt) determined that Rosalind would stay at court instead of being exiled with her father, Celia had been too young to put a right value on Rosalind's qualities but that now she can rightly value her, and she defends Rosalind's worth and honesty. Celia declares that she and Rosalind are like one person and that Celia shares in whatever ill befalls Rosalind. As a proof of her words and her devotedness to Rosalind, Celia leaves her father and goes on the dangerous journey with Rosalind to Arden forest.

Brothers Oliver and Orlando have a less devoted relationship.For reasons never mentioned, Oliver loves and cares for their middle brother Jaques but hates and neglects the youngest brother Orlando (perhaps Oliver thought Orlando an intrusion into his relationship with Jaques or perhaps he thought that sharing their fathers riches three ways, for Jaques' and Orlando's education and upkeep, was too much). As a result, Orlando's life has been one of neglect and discomfort and finally Oliver tries to murder him. When Oliver chases him down in Arden forest, Orlando's true nobility and humanity cause him to save Oliver from the lioness and prompts Oliver's spiritual awakening and change of life.