Comment on Anne Brontë's writing style in The Tenant of Wildfell Hall and whether it is likable or not.

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Anne Bronte's writing style has been a matter of some contention since the book was published in 1848. On the one hand, it was a best seller from the start, so her reading public enjoyed her writing style. On the other hand, neither of her sisters, Charlotte nor Emily, liked her style. They also criticized her content partly because she used their brother, Branwell, who had drinking and other problems, as a model for the character of Huntingdon. Bronte's contemporaneous critics generally fell on the side of of the sisters in disliking her style calling it "rough" and, as the critic Winifrith says, "obvious and crude."   

One troublesome point of her style is that she creates doubt in a number of places as to whom the first-person narrator is addressing. The first and worst instance is the opening line: "You must go back with me to the autumn of 1827." From this, readers expect they are being directly addressed, yet, we are not. In the very next line, we must adjust our mental image,...

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