"Coming to America" a movie about socialization Coming to america is a movie that is about to come to America for the first time. Is this film a movie about socialization, norms, what roles are there in the film, there ekesmpler the deviation, sanctions, internalisation and socialization, and says nothing about the film culture

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Coming to America is indeed about socialization, though it makes extraordinarily condescending assumptions about African culture. However, it is about an attempt by an immigrant (although a fabulously rich one) to adapt to surroundings that are totally foreign to him. He places himself in this situation, and of course does not become totally acculturated, in fact he brings a woman back to Africa to marry into the royal family. 

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There are many movies about immigrants.  Are you interested in documentaries or fictional films?  One movie based on a biography that comes to mind is Angela's Ashes.  This is based on the experiences of Irish immigrant Frank McCourt.  The Godfather II is also largely a film about immigration.  Another famous immigrant movie is Avalon.  It's a popular subject.

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Are you trying to polish up a thesis on Coming to America? 

Here's a little editing help: 

Coming to Americais a movie about coming to America for the first time. The film explores ideas of socialization, norms, and social roles. 

There are other films about immigration and culture shock. You may want to look at Godfather II or The Last Samurai. There are better movies out there for your purposes, and I'm sure other posters will help there, but these are the first two that come to mind. 

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