In Coming of Age in Mississippi, what difficulties or obstacles did Anne's family face in trying to make a living and improve their daily lives?

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The elements of challenge are quite present in Moody's work.  One undeniable element is the presence of racial discrimination.  The denial of opportunity in a setting where integration was far from recognized on a social level creates obstacles that challenge Moody's family from the achievement of their vision of the dream.  This can be seen in the depiction of Mrs. Burke, who holds the belief that people of color are inherently inferior to the cultural majority.  Another challenge which is present is the force of economic class.  The obstacle of a reality caused by poverty makes life increasingly difficult for Moody's family, as seen when she cannot afford a dress to Homecoming or lacks basic necessities for living.  The challenges caused by race and class make life difficult for Moody and her family.  It is interesting to see that this dynamic plays a large role in the challenges of her family, and is more intricate when seeking to understand which challenge- race or class- is more demanding on the life of the Moody family.

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