In A Coming Age of Mississippi what is Anne Moody's experience in terms of different valences such as race or class?

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I think that one of the most compelling elements out of Moody's narrative is that it shows how modern America is a collection of differing and converging points of perception for the individual.  Moody's work does focus on how race is a critical issue for her and other people of color, specifically African- Americans during the Civil Rights Era.  However, within this are other experiences that Moody does not miss out in her articulation.  The fact that poverty impacts her upbringing and her experiences is a part of this.  Being forced to work at a young age is a reflection of how socio- economic reality impacts one's own sense of consciousness.  Anne is highly perceptive to how race and class converge, making it nearly impossible to separate one from another.  At the same time, Anne's challenges with Raymond from a sexual or gender point of view reflects how the social construction of being a woman impacts her life.  Anne's perception of the movement as one that embraces the predicaments of men and women is a result of her own experiences in adolescence where being a woman was fundamentally and psychologically different than being a man.  In this, another layer is added to the narrative, impacting her experience and triggering thoughts of our own.