How would I develop a comic strip on "The Frog and the Nightingale" by Vikram Seth.

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I think that this would turn out to be an interesting task.  I would develop the comic strip in a frame format.  This would allow you to be able to show the incremental nature that is such a strong part of the poem.  A frame approach would be able to show how the frog manipulates the nightingale into ruining her voice, and how the frog benefits from this.  It would also allow you the chance to inject your own opinions about how who is more at fault in the poem.  Is the frog to blame because he is able to exercise his influence over the nightingale or is the nightingale to blame as she allows the frog to hold such sway over her?  I think that both could be shown quite nicely in a frame by frame analysis of the poem.  Your opening frame could consist of the frog sitting by himself in the bog, croaking out his sounds to the relative dismay of the others around him.  At same time, the frame approach allows you to develop captions for each drawing, letting the reader appreciate what is happening while enabling you the chance to inject your own perspective on the events transpiring.  Adding your narrative voice to the events of the poem unfolding through a frame approach will allow the comic strip form to capture the essence of the poem.

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