"Comedy is a very serious Business." In light of the action in Lysistrata, do you agree with this statement?

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This is a great question and a great quote. A little historical context is important. One of the greatest and most overstating wars in the Greek world was the Peloponnesian war, which was mainly fought between Athens and Sparta. This weakened all of Greece in a considerable way. In fact, the war was nearly 30 years long!

The play Lysistrata is about a woman of the same name getting her fellow women together to stop the war. Their plan is to make all the women not sleep with their husbands until they stop the war. Along the way, there are comic elements. 

In light of this, we can say that comedy was used to talk about a serious topic, war. Therefore, we can say that comedy in many ways brings up topics that need to be addressed. Of course, the plan is not serious, but the topic truly is. 


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