comedy,heartbreak and triumph in twelfth night OLIVIA loves VIOLA, VIOLA loves the DUKE,  the DUKE is infatuated with OLIVIA. Bring out the comedy, the heartbreak and the triumph of true love in these relationships.

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The comedy rests in the confusion of identities: Olivia doesn't know that Viola is a woman; Orsino believes Viola is a boy. The heartbreak comes with the elements of Olivia's mistaken marriage--it could be a potential heartbreak to discover your husband is not your beloved-- and unrequited love; even for someone as bold and brash as Orsino, there is heartbreak in not being loved by your beloved. The triumph comes when identities are revealed; Viola and Sebastian are reunited; Olivia decides Sebastian is preferable to Viola; and Orsino discovers that his admiration and affection for Cesario can turn to love because Viola is a beautiful, well-born young woman.

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