What do the silhouettes on the wall suggest about the family?

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In "There Will Come Soft Rains," Bradbury describes five silhouettes of a family on the wall. We can infer information about the family, based on the type and nature of these silhouettes. Firstly, there are four members in the family: the father, mother, a young boy, and a girl.

Secondly, it is worth looking at the specific actions of each family member to glean further information. The father, for example, is mowing the lawn. The mother is bent over, picking flowers, while the two children are playing catch with a ball.

What we see, then, is a traditional, nuclear American family at leisure. The father fulfills the dominant, male role by mowing the lawn. The mother is fulfilling the traditional female role by tending to the garden to beautify the home, and the...

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