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Combine like terms and simplify: 12t^6-t^3+8t^6+4t^3-t^7-3t^3

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The expression 12t^6-t^3+8t^6+4t^3-t^7-3t^3 has to be simplified.

12t^6 - t^3 + 8t^6 + 4t^3 - t^7 - 3t^3

=> 12t^6 + 8t^6 - t^3 - 3t^3 + 4t^3 - t^7

=> 20t^6 - t^7

The simplified expression is -t^7 + 20t^6

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charlierocks14 | Student

you take the like terms; 12t^6, 8t^6 and add the coefficients together creating 20t^6.  Then add the other like terms -t^3, -3t^3, and 4t^3 and add them.  These terms cancel out and the ^3 term becomes a zero.  the last term -t^7 has no like terms so it stays the same.  When you write the final answer, be sure that the terms go in order from largest power to smallest.