Combination of the strictest realism with a fairytale unrealism of general atmosphere is the secret of Dickens' work.  Discuss? no

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This discussion question would seem to perfectly fit the novel 'A Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens. The story has a grittily realistic setting in Victorian London and shows both the freezing, necessarily obsequious and penurious lives of the poor as well as the lives of 'the other half' which is the business or artistcrotratic community. While Scrooge does not avail himself of the warm cheer and luxury available to him and his family and associates portrayed elsewhere in the novel, we get the feeling he himself is far from poor.

The story also displays a fairytale quality in its 'out of body' experiences (the face on the door knocker,Marley's ghost and the three spirits) as well as the supernatural powers often contained in fairy tales (seeing into the future or past/flying through the air.)

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