Compare the use of determination in Lord of the Flies and Julius Caesar.

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lsumner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The use of determination in Lord of the Flies is that Jack and his tribal warriors hunt and kill as if they are animals themselves. Through the frenzy of the hunting dance, they attack Simon and kill him as if they are savages. They kill him with their bare hands and teeth. Through sheer determination, Jack and the other boys become mighty hunters, thus living off the land.

In Julius Caesar, the conspirators determine to rid Rome of the tyrant Caesar. Through savage-like instints, the conspirators stab Caesar thirty-three times. Then they bathe their hands in his blood and march through the crowd with bloody hands, insisting that they are more powerful than Caesar who is now dead, lying in a bloody heap.

In both these stories, savagery and bloody sacrifices is the theme. The boys kill a pig and hang his head on a stick as a sacrifice. Likewise, the conspirators bathe their hands in Caesar's blood and Caesar's bloody body becomes a sacrifice for ridding Rome of tyranny. The characters in both stories determine to take part in their savagery instincts which results is a boody horror of deaths by murder.

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