the colored museum by george c wolfe what message is aunt ethel trying to convey in cookin' with aunt ethel?

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This piece is supposed to highlight the Mammy, and the racism that followed that steryotype. Mammy, although a seemingly harmless and playful term was a psycological hinderance to the African American Community.
#1 - Mammy was considered a happy soul who proudly served mostly white families. Her obidience and servatude was awarded with acceptance by white culture, her "wisdom" and power as a female was mistaken as empowerment even though it still encouraged african americans to find their place serving white families
#2 - Mammy's power was crippling to black males. The large assertive mammy was seen as the leader of a black family. Black men were seen as subserviant and weak. Followers not leaders to the Mammy mother figure. A powerful common conseption which did exist and in some ways still do.

The other messages in the vignette are more obvious

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