What are the major differences between the book and film versions of The Color Purple

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How many times have you read a book and gone to see its film rendition and found major differences? The film was not how you imagined the story to be while reading the book. Well, the same can be said of the movie and novel The Color Purple, written by Alice Walker. While the movie is very moving and a spectacular work, directed by Steven Spielberg, there are nuances that any reader would find different to how they imagined reading the story for themselves.

Three differences between the book and movie are the following: in the book, Celie addresses her diary entries/story to God, while the movie covers a more general theme of salvation and doesn't include this aspect of her narration; the scenes of Celie's lover, Shug Avery, seeking out her father's approval in his church are missing from the book; and for this reason, the feminist ideology that is reflected in Walker's novel is changed through these scenes where Shug bows down to male authority in seeking redemption from her father.


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