Which colony had the most religious freedom?

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People came to the British colonies for many reasons. One of the reasons was to be able to practice their religion freely. Interestingly enough, many of the colonies didn’t offer religious freedom to people who practiced a religion different from the main one of the colony. Even though these groups were persecuted for their religious beliefs in Europe, they didn’t offer religious freedom in the colonies. However, in Pennsylvania, there was religious freedom. Pennsylvania was the colony that had the most religious freedom.

William Penn, the founder of the colony, was a Quaker. The Quakers weren’t allowed to practice their religion freely in Great Britain. They were persecuted if they did that. When William Penn received the land for his colony, he allowed people of any religious faith to settle there. Quakers from many European countries came to Pennsylvania. Other religious groups from Europe that came to settle in Pennsylvania were the Amish, Protestants, Lutherans, and Mennonites.

Because of the different religious groups that came here and because there were many people from different European countries living in Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania became known as the melting pot. There was a good deal of diversity in the colony of Pennsylvania. Thus, Pennsylvania earns the title as the colony with the most religious freedom.

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