For a college application I have to write one or two paragraphs on any points I believe to be important in the evaluation of my application including my academic background, other achievements, educational ovjectives or career goals. How do you put all that into a few paragraphs?

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When writing a college application essay, you have a chance to fully develop an argument.  If you are asked to do this in a couple of paragraphs, you need to focus on specific points.  Your best bet is to choose a theme, and address all of the points by tying into that theme.

Find something that differentiates you from others, and focus on that.  As you address your academic achievements and other achievements, bring everything back to the one theme of why you are different.  Remember, you are selling yourself.  Look at it as a commercial.  You do not have much time, so be succinct and stick to the point.  Cohesion is important.  If you relate everything back to the one common theme of how you are different, you will be more successful.

Let’s say you are an excellent leader.  Focus on leadership as your theme.  Explain how this impacts your academic achievement, out of school achievement, objectives and career goals.  Make sure the college admissions officers know why their school would benefit from having you there.

Draft your response several times, and pass it out to several people.  Ask good friends, teachers, parents, family members, and counselors to give feedback and advice.  Your essay should reflect what’s special about you, so be sure to ask people you to know to make sure that you’ve accomplished that.

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